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Inclusion EAL
» Summary Sheet for inclusion - EAL session
» Background notes for teacher EAL
» Background information for trainees
  Colouring by numbers task
  »  The Picture to colour
  »  Key to colours
  »  The Answer
  » What did you discover from doing the Ship Task?
  »  Thoughts on the exercise
  Information and research case studies
  » EAL Case Studies from a North London School
  » EAL Classroom Activities for Beginners
  » EAL Information on non-English scripts
  » EAL Learning another language - Suggestions from research
  Teaching and learning strategies handouts
  » EAL - DARTs Reading Strategies
  » EAL - Stages of English for planning information to staff
  » EAL Classroom Activities for Beginners
  » EAL Learning Environment checklist
  » EAL Planning Opportunities for Listening
  » EAL Planning Opportunities to Develop Reading Skills
  » EAL Planning Opportunities to Develop Writing Skills
  » EAL What an EAL pupil needs to learn effectively
  » EAL- Worksheet on Listening and speaking strategies
  » Handout on Advice for Effective Teaching